Captain Rudy Solano:

At age 35, Captain Rudy Solano has been fishing over half of his life with 25 years of Experience.  When he was young his Dad (Rafa Solano) said to him “If you don’t want to do good at school then you better learn to fish!” and that he did.  By age 16 he was driving a Twin Engine Boat for his Dad on the Blue Waters no longer in the Quepos Fleet but worked many many years here.

What Rudy likes most about his profession:  “Doing what I Love Every Day!  Going Fishing!”

The biggest fish he ever released was a 1200 pound Black Marlin.

He has been the Captain on the MoonWalker for 3 years now and is very proud of the fact that they are the MOST BOOKED Boat and Crew in Marina Pez Vela. He has a renowned reputation as the Sushi Captain always being the one to find and get the Yellow Fin Tuna.

What does he do on his free time? Goes to the river fishing of course!


Johnny Smith Tucker


Second Mate Danny Smith Tucker:

At age 40 Danny has 18 years fishing the Charter Industry both as a Captain in Rio Parrismina for Tarpon Fishing and as a mate here in Quepos for Big Game and Inshore fishing.

He fished for 8 years with the Blue Waters when they were in service here and 3 years inshore and fly fishing. Taught by his Daddy as well. All these guys have grown up on the water and in Quepos.

Danny says the most rewarding part of fishing is seeing how happy the clients are at the end of the Day.

His biggest fish was a 900 pound Black Marlin

What does he do on his free time? Goes to the river fishing with Johnny and Rudy and says he is a Chef when he is not fishing.

Captain Rudy Solano


First Mate Johnny Smith Tucker:

At age 22 First Mate Johnny Smith Tucker has only been in this position for 3 years however learning from this Uncle James Captain on the Dragin Fly out of Los Suenos he came to us knowing exactly what to do. His Dad Giraldo is a captain in Torteguero.

Johnny finds Charter Fishing extremely rewarding and loves to welcome families, Kids and avid anglers aboard.

Anxious to contribute to making your day on the water the best experience you have ever had.

His biggest fish was a 625 pound Blue Marlin. Really finds Tuna Fishing the most Fun!

What does he do on his free time? Goes to the river to fish and eat at Dannys House who is a chef on days off!


Danny Smith Tucker